Wischemann Hall

Wischemann Hall has been a Sebastopol community dancing resource since 1979.

The History of Wischemann Hall

A Well-Used Community Asset

(Note: the following history was compiled through a variety of resources, including a history written by Dave Wischemann in June, 2003. You can read that recounting by downloading the PDF file here.) Wischemann Hall was built in the late 1970’s through the dedication, ingenuity, and hard work of a group of local citizens. Members of the Saucy Squares square dance club became determined to have a consistent place to meet and dance after having events canceled with as little as a half-hour’s notice at temporary venues such as the Methodist Church reception hall and the Analy High School dining room. One of the members, Dave Wischemann, got the idea to contact the City regarding available city property where a dance hall could be built. Initially these efforts were unsuccessful, but the City did volunteer the use of a vacant Camp Fire Girls hut. The hut was perfect for square dancing, but residents in the area nixed the idea, so the Club decided to dismantle the building in the hopes the salvaged material could be used in the future when property did become available (photos included). Eventually, the city did offer the site of the old city garbage dump, which was approved for use by the City Engineer when the Club agreed to build the floor 76 feet above sea level to avoid flooding. That calculation has proved to be accurate, and the Hall has never flooded. 

Building began in June of 1978 with all-volunteer labor and fundraising. All of the material from the Camp Fire Girls hut is in Wischemann Hall today, including the steel fireplace insert, used to fabricate the gusset plates supporting the rafters. Local businesses also donated materials, and the beautiful oak dance floor was funded by many rummage sales. It seemed that just when a particular building expertise was needed, a member of the Club would step up to provide it. The first square dance was held on a warm September evening under the stars, before the building was complete, with the trusses open to the sky (photos included). The building was later dedicated by the Mayor, and a grand opening was held in February, 1981 (photos included). The Hall today remains the home of the Sebastopol Saucy Squares, a California Public Benefit corporation, but the club’s philosophy has always been to open up the Hall to various other dance and music-affiliated groups serving both children and adults. Money from rents has made it possible to maintain the building and expand it over the years, adding a dining hall and kitchen. The Hall currently has annual rental contracts for every day of the week, many with tenants of long duration (a summary is provided separately). Wischemann Hall is also available for single-use events, providing a great setting for functions such as birthday, anniversary, and retirement parties; wedding receptions; poetry readings; summer yoga camps; and more. Most weekend evenings not already scheduled with regular tenants are booked many months in advance. Wischemann Hall continues to be well-used community asset, both by its appreciative tenants, and its faithful custodians, the Redwood Rainbows Square Dance Club, Inc.

About Us

About Us

Wischemann Hall is owned and operated by Redwood Rainbows Square Dance Club, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.  Used mostly for square dance activities, the Hall is also rented by groups who hold dance activities of various kinds.  The Hall is also rentable for one-time events, such as birthday parties,  weddings, musical performances, and memorials.

Redwood Rainbows (formerly the Sebastopol Saucy Squares) is a LGBT & straight  Modern Western Square Dance club, dancing Basic/Mainstream, Plus, Advanced, C1 and C2 levels.  Everyone is always welcome, regardless of age, race, gender, religion, ethnic background, or sexual orientation. All you need is a healthy desire to dance and have fun!  Dance dress code is casual, and no partner is needed to attend our classes or dances. Our goal is to provide a warm and friendly environment for those who like to square dance and socialize with other dancers.

Rent Wischemann Hall

Hold your event at Wischmann Hall!

To speak to someone about holding your event at Wischemann Hall, call Terri at  Kelley Rentals at (707) 872-3610.

Visit the Kelley Rentals website.

Wischemann Hall is a wonderful place for small gatherings, weddings, birthday or retirement parties, small musical performances and memorial services.


Wischemann Hall consists of three rooms:

  • A 1,450 square foot dance hall with a wooden floor
  • A smaller dining area that can be used as overflow dancing
  • a similarly-sized kitchen stocked with some silverware, cooking utensils, 2 large coffeemakers, microwave, stove and oven, and a refrigerator

The Hall is equipped with 5 card tables, about 50 metal folding chairs, and (8) 4' x 6' folding tables. Six of those tables come with 6' wooden benches. Both the kitchen and the dining area can be used for serving food and dining. Maximum capacity for any event is 150 people. The Hall is wired for speakers, but does not come with an amplifier at this time. If you need to use the speaker system, you will need to bring an amplifier that uses a half-inch jack to plug into speaker systems (this is customary for square dance callers).





Hall Activities

Creative Dance with Clare Najarian


Creative Dance invites children of all ages to a rich and rewarding experience of dance and movement that focuses on rhythm, self expression and creativity.  Age-appropriate technique serve to strengthen and open up their capacity to learn and appreciate both themselves and the joyful world of dance.

Clare Najarian has taught Creative and Modern Dance in public schools and private classes in Sonoma County for over 25 years.  She believes that the world of dance and movement offers a unique social and individual experience that uses the content of life as a springboard for connection, learning and understanding.  She has a background in Modern & Creative Dance, Dance Education and Dance Therapy.

North Bay Country Dance


Visit website

NBCDS welcomes everyone to our English Country Dances (first and third Sunday afternoons), Contra Dances (fourth Saturday evenings) and occasional Family Dances.
We have live music and a lesson before each dance.
See our website for details.

Redwood Rainbows Square Dance Club

Monday & Tuesday evenings, Saturdays during the day


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Redwood Rainbows Square Dance Club dances and promotes Modern Western Square Dancing.  We offer classes and workshops for beginners through C2 levels.  We are an LBGT and straight-welcoming club, everyone is welcome!

Sebastopol Spinners

Sundays, from 5:30pm to 8:30 pm


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The Sebastopol Spinners is a caller-run Advanced and Challenge square dance club, founded by caller Steve Minkin in October, 1986. It attracts advanced square dancers from several counties, and is the largest advanced club north of San Francisco and west of Sacramento. We dance at Wischemann Hall on Sunday evenings.

The Spinners host an advanced class (A-1 & A-2) each September, beginning the first Sunday following Labor Day, from 5:15 - 7 pm. The class is open to all qualified Plus Level club dancers.

Our A-2 workshop runs from 7 - 8:45. The Spinners maintain a strong A-2 level, dancing all positions and extended applications of all calls. When they dance elsewhere, our dancers are always well prepared!

We workshop C-1 (Challenge level) from 9 - 10:30, exploring the outer limits: dancing with Phantoms, Magic Columns, Offset Parallelograms, Interlocked Triangles, Concentric formations.... the whole catastrophe!


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Are you interested in renting Wischemann Hall for an event, learning how to square dance, or have questions about some of the Halls activities? Just fill out the form or contact us at the email below.

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