Sebastopol Spinners

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The Sebastopol Spinners is a caller-run Advanced and Challenge square dance club, founded by caller Steve Minkin in October, 1986. It attracts advanced square dancers from several counties, and is the largest advanced club north of San Francisco and west of Sacramento. We dance at Wischemann Hall on Sunday evenings.

The Spinners host an advanced class (A-1 & A-2) each September, beginning the first Sunday following Labor Day, from 5:15 - 7 pm. The class is open to all qualified Plus Level club dancers.

Our A-2 workshop runs from 7 - 8:45. The Spinners maintain a strong A-2 level, dancing all positions and extended applications of all calls. When they dance elsewhere, our dancers are always well prepared!

We workshop C-1 (Challenge level) from 9 - 10:30, exploring the outer limits: dancing with Phantoms, Magic Columns, Offset Parallelograms, Interlocked Triangles, Concentric formations.... the whole catastrophe!

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Sundays, from 5:30pm to 8:30 pm